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G R O U P S     A N D     P R O J E C T S

MARS Project

Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff

This group is for men and women who want to take a stand against Rape, Sexual Assault, and Sexism.

Sexual Violence Prevention Program

Arizona State University, Tempe

Poster for program seeking volunteers

Emerge Center Against Domestic Violence


Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse provides opportunities to create, sustain, and celebrate a life free from abuse. We pledge to be there for people who have encountered all types of domestic abuse, educate others about domestic abuse and its impact, and inspire the support that allows us to provide high quality programs and services.

Oasis Program

University of Arizona, Tucson

The Oasis Program provides a variety of services to UA students, staff, and faculty (men, women, and transgendered persons) who are impacted by sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking.

Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault (SACASA)


At SACASA it is our mission to reduce the trauma and incidence of sexual assault by providing treatment and promoting prevention of sexual abuse, incest, molestation and rape.


University of Arizona, Tucson

STEP UP! is a prosocial behavior and bystander intervention program that educates students to be proactive in helping others.

UA Men Against Violence (one needs to log into Facebook to access)

University of Arizona, Tucson

UA Men Against Violence is taking a leadership role in raising awareness of the prevalence of violence against both women and men as well as the importance of being involved to eradicate such violence.

UA Students Against Domestic Violence (SADV) (Facebook page)

University of Arizona, Tucson

Help raise awareness against domestic violence and join SADV today!   All UA students are welcome to come share their experiences or show their support for those who have been victimized by domestic violence.

Wingspan Anti-Violence Project (AVP)


The Wingspan Anti-Violence Program (AVP) is a social change and social service program that works to address and end violence in the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.

Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence (AzCADV)

Statewide:  Phoenix

The Coalition was formed in 1980 so that concerned citizens and professionals could unite and through this statewide organization would increase public awareness about the issue of domestic violence, enhance the safety and services of domestic violence victims, and reduce the incidents of domestic violence in Arizona families.

Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Program

Statewide: Phoenix (website maintained at University of Arizona, Tucson)

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Program, through community level cooperative interventions, provides rape prevention education to students, professionals, and community members.

I N F O R M A T I O N     A N D     R E F E R R A L S

Advice For Men (on Sexual Assault) Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff

Sexual Violence Arizona State University, Tempe

The Male Victim University of Arizona, Tucson