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G R O U P S     A N D     P R O J E C T S

Sexual Assault Recovery & Prevention Agency (SARPA)


Direct Survivor Services, Education and Prevention, Adult Sexual Assault Response Team

Arkansas Coalition Against Sexual Assault (ACASA)

Statewide:  Fayetteville

The Arkansas Coalition Against Sexual Assault (ACASA) is a statewide coalition of individuals and organizations working together toward the elimination of sexual violence.


Statewide:  Little Rock

Arkansas’ statewide listing of services for older adults and people with disabilities

Arkansas Adult Protective Services (APS)

Statewide:  Little Rock

Adult Protective Services or APS, refers to publicly funded programs which investigate and intervene in reports of abuse, neglect, and      exploitation of adults who are physically or mentally impaired and        and unable to protect themselves from harm.

Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ACADV)

Statewide: Little Rock

The mission of the Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence is to eliminate domestic violence and promote healthy families.

Center for Effective Parenting/ Arkansas State Parent Information and Resource Center (PIRC)

Statewide: Springdale/Little Rock

This program involves a multi-target-multimethod approach to improve the developmental progress of children and to improve academic achievement.

I N F O R M A T I O N     A N D     R E F E R R A L S

Male Sexual Assault and Rape Fact Sheet University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Sexual Assault Information Arkansas Tech University, Russellville