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G R O U P S     A N D     P R O J E C T S

MARS (Men Against Relationship & Sexual Violence) ***  MARS (Facebook)

University of Missouri, Columbia

MARS (Men Against Relationship and Sexual Violence) is a group of men and women committed to fostering an egalitarian campus culture that respects the physical integrity and human rights of each individual.

KC Man Up!

Kansas City

Man Up! is the MOCSA program for men against sexual violence in Kansas City. MOCSA recognizes and embraces the vital role men play in the struggle to end sexual violence. Our mission is to empower men and boys to become active in that struggle.

The Violence Prevention and Response Project (VPR)

University of Missouri-Kansas City

VPR’s mission is to strengthen the University and community response to gender-based and sexual violence through victim support services, advocacy, training, education, and outreach to the campus and community.

Committee Organized for Rape Education (CORE)

Washington University, St. Louis

Co-Ed peer education and facilitation group specializing in sexual assault related issues.

(S.A.R.A.H.) Sexual Assault & Rape Anonymous Helpline

Washington University, St. Louis

S.A.R.A.H. is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week hotline that offers counseling, resources, and referrals on rape, sexual assault, abuse, relationships and more

Men Organized for Rape Education (MORE) or    Facebook

Washington University, St. Louis

We are an all-male organization that offers an alternative perspective on how men can help prevent sexual assault and rape as well as ways to better support survivors. We will present, flier, write and speak out to raise public awareness about sexual assault and rape.

Student Health Advocates & Peer Educator Program (SHAPE)

Saint Louis University, St. Louis

SHAPE believes that students can challenge and influence each other’s attitudes and behaviors related to overall wellness, sexual health, sexual assault and substance use.

Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (MCADSV)

Statewide:  Jefferson City

MCADSV is a statewide membership coalition of organizations and individuals working to end violence against women and their children through direct services and social and systemic change.

I N F O R M A T I O N     A N D     R E F E R R A L S

Sexual Assault: Don���t Become a Victim Southeast Missouri University, Cape Girardeau

Sexual Assault Response Protocol Westminster College, Fulton

Sexual Assault and Rape Prevention Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville

Sexual Assault Policy Webster University, St. Louis

Sexual Assault and Rape Prevention Maryville University, St. Louis