Mythopoetic Sites

The Mythopoetic Men’s Movement is clearly not antithetical to the goals of AMP.   Robert Bly has been the biggest influence in its creation.   “In Bly’s men’s-only workshops and retreats, he and his co- facilitators use story, shamanic work, drumming, dance, music and discussion to explore men’s unique approach to emotional experience. “ ( expresses a partial perspective of this movement.

Mythopoetic websites (primarily national ones) are listed in this section because we believe that the primary focus upon this movement is for men to “find themselves”.   Though some adherents certainly work very positively in other ways/areas, we believe that the primary focus in this area allows (mostly) upper-middle class, White men to learn how to feel good about themselves without requiring them to deal substantively with and work towards positive change in the society at large.

Boys to Men:  A Mentoring Project

Boys to Men Mentoring Network was created to guide boys 13-17 on their journey to manhood.    Our mission is to help boys become better men.   We bring good men, Mentors and role models into boy’s lives.   We provide boys with mentoring and modeling so that they learn integrity, accountability, compassion and respect.

The ManKind Project

ManKind Project Community of Canada

The ManKind Project USA

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The ManKind Project® conducts challenging and highly rewarding trainings for men at every stage of life. We help men through any transition, men at all levels of success, men facing almost any challenge.   (Note:  This group appears to be significantly supportive of anti-racist, anti-classist, anti-homphobic issues for men and seems supportive of feminism despite omitting direct use of the word on its website.   It is also listed in several other places on this website because of its positive significance.)

Men Web

Men’s Councils are a wonderful way to meet with other men interested in doing the kind of Men’s Work described here on MenWeb.   Here’s a listing for some Men’s Councils around the country.


At heart, it is a journal about men’s spirit, soul and shadow, men’s “inner work” or Men’s Work, what has been called “mythopoetic.” But it covers an eclectic range of subjects, including gender justice (“men’s rights”), therapy, healing, men’s health and other issues important to me

Minnesota Men’s Conference

Annual mythopoetic men’s conference in Ely, MN

Robert Bly Annual Conference on the Great Mother and the New Father

The Great Mother Conference has always nourished the gifts of beauty, eloquence, and community.

Websites & Resources (from The Redwood Men’s Center)

Web links provided by the Redwork Men’s Center

(Note: a few primarily mythopoetic related websites may be noted in other listings  (state listings in the U.S.) primarily for men’s retreats)