New Brunswick
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G R O U P S     A N D     P R O J E C T S

Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre


The Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre is a volunteer organization whose primary goal is reflected in a commitment to end sexual violence against women and children.

Intimate Violence Partner Violence Treatment Programs: Family Service Moncton


The goal of the program is to stop and prevent all types of violence towards women in relationships and promote healthy relationships.

Sexual Abuse Family Treatment Program: Family Service Moncton


Family Service Moncton’s Sexual Abuse Treatment Program is a confidential service designed to enable families to understand the complex and confusing emotions surrounding the disclosure of sexual abuse of a child and its consequences on the family members.

Gentle Path Counselling Services

Saint John

Gentle Path Counselling Services is a registered non-profit charitable organization that provides Counselling, Workshops, Educational and Support Group Services to families, individuals, groups and businesses in Saint John and surrounding areas.

Saint John Sexual Assault Centre Inc

Saint John

Within the structure of a supportive community network represented by all relevant persons it is our goal to develop a sexual assault centre that utilizes a holistic approach to victims of sexual violence.

Single Fathers of New Brunswick & Nova Scotia    (Facebook)


A place where Fathers can come to get info on how to raise kids.

Prostate Cancer Support Groups

(several in NB see website for locations)

Our network of local, independent support groups blend well with PCC’s national strategies, putting a local face in the media and with the general public. PCCN affiliated groups are encouraged to ‘work local, think national’ because one voice on the national stage makes messaging more powerful and also gives increased visibility to local efforts and activities.

I N F O R M A T I O N     A N D     R E F E R R A L S

Facing Autism in New Brunswick (blog) Fredericton

Sexual Assault Support University of New Brunswick, Fredericton & St. John

Harassment Advisor Mount Allison University, Sackville

Sexual Harassment & Assault Response & Education (S.H.A.R.E) Mount Allison University, Sackville

Domestic Violence Agencies Province-wide

Treatment Programs For Men Who Abuse Their Partners Province-wide