Listings are alphabetized by city with:

1.    Major Groups – having significant men’s programs (some states have no listings)

2.    Groups and Projects – all other groups and projects

3.    Information and Referrals – websites which give information and list referrals

M A J O R     G R O U P S

(Having Significant Men’s Programs)

Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Taskforce

Statewide: Salem

Providing Training, Resources and Support to Organizations and Communities Working to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Violence

G R O U P S     A N D     P R O J E C T S

The Sexual Assault Response & Prevention Alliance (SARPA)

Oregon State University, Corvallis

The Sexual Assault Response & Prevention Alliance (SARPA) was developed to strengthen and formalize the coordination of services offered by agencies that respond to sexual assaults involving Oregon State University students.

Students of AMF at UO  (Facebook)

University of Oregon, Eugene

The mission of Students of AMF at UO is to provide peer support for college students grieving the illness or death of a loved one and empower the campus community to take action through service.

University of Oregon Men’s Center (OMC)

University of Oregon, Eugene

Our Mission: To promote the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of men, and attitudes and behaviors that will benefit everyone.

Students of AMF at Western Oregon University (Facebook)

Western Oregon University, Monmouth

The mission of Students of AMF at Western Oregon to provide peer support for college students grieving the illness or death of a loved one and empower the campus community to take action through service.

The Dads Group


Mission: To Provide A Safe, Supportive, Affirming, Nurturing, Social, Learning Environment For Men, Who Are Dad’s And Or Their Partners From Diverse Cultural & Economic Backgrounds Identifying As, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, or Questioning.

IRCO  (Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization)


IRCO’s mission is to promote the integration of refugees, immigrants, and the community at large into a self-sufficient, healthy, and inclusive multiethnic society.

Interpersonal Violence Program

Portland State University, Portland

The Interpersonal Violence Program is part of Portland State University Women’s Resource Center, which advocates for the best educational and campus experience for all members of our community.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LXG)

University of Portland, Portland

LXG gathers men to unite in brotherhood, champion justice, search for truth, and become authentic men of integrity, peace and honor.

SAFE: Stop Assault for Everyone

University of Portland, Portland

Stop Assault For Everyone (SAFE) Advocate Network provides personal support and facilitates appropriate referrals in a confidential setting to members of the UP community who have been impacted by sexual assault, harassment, and/or domestic violence.

WU MAV (Men Against Violence)

Willamette University, Salem

Willamette University Men Against Violence recognizes that violence stems from the expression of “social norms” of male supremacy. We acknowledge that in order to change the “social norms,” we must reject all communications or actions that condone or promote violence towards women, including but not limited to, sexual assault, physical and mental abuse, or any situation which causes women to feel degraded. We are committed to creating a Willamette community that respects all people regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, creed, ethnic background, or physical or mental disability.

Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (OCADSV)

Statewide:  Portland

Our mission is to raise awareness about or regarding violence against all women and children, and to work towards non-violence through leadership in advocacy, public policy, training, resource development and social change.

Oregon Men Against Violence (OMAV) (Facebook)

Statewide: Salem

The Oregon Men Against Violence Initiative is a collaboration of local and campus organizations in Oregon seeking to engage men and boys, standing beside women, girls, and all people, as allies in the effort to prevent and respond to men’s use of violence.

I N F O R M A T I O N     A N D     R E F E R R A L S

Sexual Assault: Prevention and Intervention Oregon Institute of Technology, Klamath

Finding Support Eastern Oregon University, LaGrande

What Men Should Know and Can Do Eastern Oregon University, LaGrande

Men’s Resources Linfield College, McMinnville

Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence Anonymous Report Form Western Oregon University, Monmouth

Sexual Assault Reed College, Portland

Sexual Conduct Policy Lewis and Clark College, Portland

Sexual Conduct Policy Lewis and Clark College, Portland

Young Men’s Health Site Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland

Harassment/Discrimination Policy Corban University, Salem