Other Organizations & Projects

A Men’s Project (AMP) attempts to be inclusive of varying perspectives related to men.

We see our socialization as boys and men as helping push (many of) us to be violent towards both girls/women and other boys/men.  We believe that we have a responsibility to help change this vision of what “being male” is through helping others as well as ourselves.

We also believe it important for men to be actively involved in working towards the elimination of our sexism, racism, heterosexism, classism (and similar).

Some efforts to reach us as men focus primarily on helping us “find ourselves” and develop our “true selves”.     Where finding who we are as men helps us move forward to work towards a better world, it is clearly beneficial.

Others feel that finding ourselves is an end goal in of itself.   We attempt to separate such groups from our main listings in the prior sections.  The distinctions are not always obvious or simple.

Within this section we have listings for:

We deliberately exclude:

Men’s/Father’s Rights Groups

because we feel their significant opposition to what we believe in makes inclusion inappropriate.

A detailed explanation of why such listings are omitted can be found through its hyperlink above.