Other Sites

Websites listed here do not fit into any of the other categories.   Where they list excellent resources, they also seemingly support resources contrary to the aims of AMP.

Menstuff (a very substantial huge site which lists “good” and “bad” resources)

Menstuff is an educational web site which serves a diverse men’s community (men’s rights, mythopoetic, pro-feminist, recovery, re-evaluation counseling, and spiritual). Menstuff has 65 columnist reporting on a weekly or monthly basis. Menstuff lists thousands of on-site men’s book reviews & covers, men’s resources and hyperlinks and hundreds of events, periodicals and groups. It provides information on hundreds of men’s issues regarding positive change in male roles and relationships (including abuse, aging, circumcision, divorce, fathers, health, kidstuff, mid-life, multicultural, prostate cancer, relationship, sexuality, spirituality, testicular cancer, violence, work, etc.)