Child Abuse
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APSAC (American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children)APSAC is the leading national organization supporting professionals who serve children and families affected by child maltreatment and violence. As a multidisciplinary group of professions, APSAC achieves its mission in a number of ways, most notably through expert training and educational activities, policy leadership and collaboration, and consultation that emphasizes theoretically sound, evidence-based principles.

An Assault on Our Future: The impact of violence on young people and their relationships (Executive Summary – 7 pages)

By: Michael Flood and Lara Fergus, 56 pages, A White Ribbon Foundation Report

As Waters Passing By (formerly called Annaleigh’s Abuse Awareness Site)

This site is dedicated tot he memory of Katie S. (1981-1988) and all those who didn’t make it. This site is also now dedicated to the memory of Little Kaylee Schnurr (2004-2005). 

Betrayed Boys (Ireland)

This site is primarily for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse, but we welcome all to join us in our journey to recovery. Sexual abuse does not just affect the victim, it affects all those who surround him, his partner, children, parents, brothers, sisters, and even friends.

Black Sexual Abuse Survivors (BSAS)

The mission of the Black Sexual Abuse Survivors (BSAS) Web site is to serve as an online support group for black, adult males and females who were sexually abused as children.

Boys Don’t Tell: Ending the Silence of Child Abuse (on) Facebook (on) Linked In (on) Twitter

Here you will find a grandfather who, late in life, addressed his sexual abuse as a teenager at the hands of his minister. Next you will find complete honesty about the issues surrounding Child Sexual Abuse (as I see them) and the distortions they created in my life and in society. My real purpose is to give hope for victims and survivors to seek recovery and healing.

The Chadwick Center for Children & Families (San Diego, CA, USA)

We promote the health and well-being of abused and traumatized children and their families. We accomplish this through excellence and leadership in evaluation, treatment, prevention, education, advocacy, and research.

The contents of this page reflect Jim Hopper, Ph.D’s level of experience and expertise, as well as opinions he has formed over the years. He is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been a therapist to men and women abused in childhood for over 15 years.

A Child Has No Voice (on) Twitter

This is a blog for both men and women who were sexually abused or abandoned as a child. One out of four females and one out of six males are sexually abused. I was one of these statistics.


Childhelp is a leading national non-profit organization dedicated to helping victims of child abuse and neglect. Childhelp’s approach focuses on prevention, intervention and treatment.

Information on childhood sexual abuse for children (Scotland)

Child Lures Prevention (Think First & Stay Safe)!

Our mission is to assist parents and educators in protecting youngsters, both offline and online.

Child Maltreatment

Resources from the Children’s Safety Network

Child Maltreatment Prevention

CDC’s research and programs work to understand the problem of child maltreatment and prevent it before it begins

Children’s Defense Fund (CDF)

The Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) is a non-profit child advocacy organization working relentlessly to ensure a level playing field for all children. We champion policies and programs that lift children out of poverty; protect them from abuse and neglect; and ensure their access to health care, quality education and a moral and spiritual foundation.

The Children’s Safety Network (CSN)

The Children’s Safety Network (CSN) is a national resource center for the prevention of childhood injuries and violence. We offer expertise on a wide range of injury topics to State and Territorial Maternal and Child Health (MCH) and Injury and Violence Prevention (IVP) programs.

Child Witness to Violence Project (CWVP)

The Child Witness to Violence Project (CWVP) is a counseling, advocacy, and outreach project that focuses on the growing number of young children who are hidden victims of domestic and community violence and other trauma-related events.

Choose Respect

Choose Respect is an initiative that helps teens form healthy relationships to prevent dating violence before it starts. This national effort helps parents, caregivers, older teens, educators, and other caring adults motivate teens to challenge harmful beliefs about dating violence and take steps to form healthy and respectful relationships.

Circle of Parents (Facebook)

Circle of Parents is a place where anyone in a parenting role can openly discuss the successes and challenges of raising children. Where they can find and share support.

Climbing Kilimanjaro for Male Survivors

(Blog) As a survivor in South Africa of both sexual child abuse and rape, my path to recovery began ten years ago and continues even to this day. I have been fortunate that I have had access to therapy, the support of my wife and children, as well as the brotherhood of fellow survivors and healers when I attended two workshops in Scarborough, UK.

Darkness to Light  

Preventing Childhood Sexual Abuse is an Adult Responsibility. Darkness to Light believes that adults should be taking proactive steps to protect children from this significant risk.

Focus Adolescent Services (on) (Facebook)

Our mission is to provide information and resources to empower individuals to help their teens and heal their families. Through education, self-awareness, support, and personal responsibility, families can rebuild their relationships and reconnect in positive and loving ways.

For the Boys – From this Mom (blog) (on) Tumblr (blog) (on) Facebook (on) Linked In (on) Twitter

FTB~FTM was born out of my need to express some of the pain and anxiety of walking a difficult journey with my son. A journey through his disclosure of sexual abuse and the fallout that resulted: eating disorders and self mutilation.

The Foundation to Abolish Child Sex Abuse (FACSA)

The Foundation to Abolish Child Sex Abuse (FACSA) is a non-profit organization working to: help enact laws that protect children from sex abuse; bring perpetrators of child sex abuse to justice; and hold accountable societal structures that hide perpetrators and fail to protect children from further harm.

Generation Five

Generation Five’s mission is to end child sexual abuse within five generations

The Good Therapy Blog (Website) (on) Facebook (on) Linked In (on) Twitter is an association of mental health professionals from over 30 countries worldwide who support efforts to reduce harm in therapy. The Good Therapy Blog link is for their section entitled: “Abuse/Survivors of Abuse” which particularly focuses upon child abuse and adult survivors of child abuse.

The Guys Project (Facebook) + YouTube and YouTube

Developing a bond in male survivors of sexual abuse/violence and male allies to enable more men to speak out and not be afraid or ashamed of what others, especially men, think. Men as allies for other men is considered – Masculine! 

HERO Project

HERO, a project of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, is a community-based, media-driven, child sexual abuse prevention program designed to educate and motivate adult community members to call the 24-hour HERO Hotline if they suspect child sexual abuse.

Hidden Violence: Preventing and Responding to Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse of Adolescent Boys

(by: Piotr Pawlak and Gary Barker)   Boys are less likely to seek help, especially from formal services, when they experience sexual violence. Particular groups of boys also face higher risk, such as street boys. Boys’ experiences of sexual violence are tied to feelings of shame,
uncertainty, confusion and homophobic attitudes from the part of parents, service providers and legal or police officials.

Hope Shining

Hope Shining is a national initiative to increase awareness, prevention, and support services for children, families, and communities impacted by violence and abuse. Hope Shining is rallying corporations, nonprofit and government organizations, consumers, celebrities, and caring individuals everywhere, sounding a call to action to protect the well-being of our children. The goal: to ignite a national movement for change, for caring, for collaboration… for our children.

Innocent Images National Initiative (FBI)

Virtually every day, children are lured away from their families by cyber sexual predators. We’re committed to stopping these crimes through our Innocent Images National Initiative.

I have several pages about child abuse – how prevalent it is, its potential effects, where to learn more and, if you’re looking, how to find help for yourself or someone you care about. My goal is to provide scholarly knowledge and resources, in language and formats accessible to any interested and motivated person – young or old, highly educated or not.

Keeping Kids Safe: Children, Mobiles & the Internet (British)

This guide helps adults understand what kids really do on their mobiles and the internet. It helps you talk to your kids openly about the risks, so they know how to protect themselves.

Kidscape (Great Britain)

Kidscape is committed to keeping children safe from abuse. Kidscape is the first charity in the UK established specifically to prevent bullying and child sexual abuse. Kidscape believes that protecting children from harm is key.

Male Abuse Survivor Support (British)

Male survivors of childhood sexual abuse and male rape have until recently been the unseen victims of sex crimes; often forgotten by the support services and legal system. We have a male sexual abuse survivor only section in our forums and male only chat rooms as well as mixed gender sections.

Male Survivor (on)  Facebook (on)  Twitter

We are committed to preventing, healing and eliminating all forms of sexual victimization of boys and men through treatment, research, education, advocacy and activism.

Man to Man (Beyond Borders) (on) (Facebook) (on) (Twitter) (on)

Stopping child sexual exploitation is complicated. For it to stop, everyone needs to play a part. That includes men. More than 90% of child sex offenders are male. We need more men taking action on this issue. Men have a unique role to play in stopping the demand side of child sexual exploitation.

Matthew Shepard Foundation

Mission: To support diversity programs in education and to help youth organizations establish environments where young people can feel safe and be themselves. is a peer-support resource offered to men who survived sexual abuse in their childhood or adulthood. We were once victims, we are all survivors, and we all aspire to thrive in this lifetime.


We offer articles and other information for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Here we present some male-focused and male-positive articles and information, specifically for male survivors.

Mike’s Story of Abuse

A poem of a man’s abuse as a child

National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome

The National Center has a mission: “To educate and train parents and professionals, and to conduct research that will prevent the shaking and abuse of infants in the United States”.

National Children’s Alliance

National Children’s Alliance is a professional membership organization dedicated to helping local communities respond to allegations of child abuse in ways that are effective and efficient – and put the needs of child victims first.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

The mission of the organization is to serve as the nation’s resource on the issues of missing and sexually exploited children. The organization provides information and resources to law enforcement, parents, children including child victims as well as other professionals.

Net Smartz

NetSmartz Workshop is an interactive, educational program of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC) that provides age-appropriate resources to help teach children how to be safer on-and offline.

Not At Fault Project (NAF): rise above the stigma. you are not at fault (on) Facebook (on) Twitter (on) YouTube

The Not At Fault Project was created in response to the cruel social stigma that blankets those who have suffered from any form of sexual abuse. Whether it be physical, verbal or psychological, all of these forms of abuse are life altering and deserve to be addressed in a supportive, hopeful manner.

1in6 (En Espanol)

Our Mission: To Help men who have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood live healthy, happier lives.

The Nothing 2 Hide Project

We know that healing is possible. YOU can be healed. YOU are not alone, and this is not the end of your story. We know the first step of breaking the silence is the hardest to take. YOU are strong. YOU have taken the first and hardest step of breaking the silence. YOU are worth it. We believe that you don’t have to do this alone. YOU have a community of support, who believes in YOU.

Online Safety Awareness-OSA Canada – on-   (Facebook-Ally) , – on -  (Facebook-OSA)

This website is designed to help Teachers, Parents, and Students who are using the Internet to identify and avoid situations that could threaten their safety.

Peer Victimization in Schools

A Set of Quantitative and Qualitative Studies of the Connections Among Peer Victimization, School Engagement, Truancy, School Achievement, and Other Outcomes (291 pages)

Prevent Child Abuse America (PCA America)
(Blog: Changing The Way We Think About Prevention)

PCA America leads the way in building awareness, providing education and inspiring hope to everyone involved in the
effort to prevent the abuse and neglect of our nation’s children.

Promundo-US Instituto Promundo (Portugues)

Instituto Promundo is a Brazilian NGO that seeks to promote gender equality and end violence against women, children and youth.  Based in Washington, DC, Promundo-US is a separately incorporated organization that collaborates with Instiituto Promundo on international advocacy, program development and communications.

O Promundo é uma organização brasileira com escritórios no Rio de Janeiro, no Brasil, em Washington, DC, nos Estados Unidos e em Kigali, em Ruanda, que trabalham em colaboração para atingir sua missão. Embora sejamos registrados como ONGs independentes em cada país, os três escritórios do Promundo atuam como uma organização, compartilhando a mesma missão, objetivos, comunicação e ações de advocacy.The Ray Helfer Society

The Ray Helfer Society is an honorary society of physicians seeking to provide leadership to enhance the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of child abuse and neglect.

Run for Innocence

Run For Innocence is a non profit organization dedicated to creating a society free of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) by raising awareness in our communities, educating on prevention strategies, and offering support to those who have experienced the trauma of CSA.

Sexual Abuse/Trauma (Childhood)’s detailed list of information and statistics related to childhood sexual abuse.

The Science of Sex Abuse

(by: Rachel Aviv, New Yorker, January 14, 2013) John pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography and to using the Internet to persuade a minor to have sex, and was sentenced to fifty-three months in federal prison—a relatively light sentence by today’s standards.  Two weeks before his scheduled release, John was told that he would remain in prison until his civil-commitment trial, which would be his first opportunity to challenge the panel’s decision.

16 Most Common Lures Used by Child Predators

From: Because it Matters – Freedom from Abuse in Christianity (note per blog – poster of this is now deceased)

Speaking Out against Child Sexual Abuse, Inc.

Our primary purpose… To raise awareness on child sexual abuse in an effort to aid in prevention.

Speak Up Be Safe (Childhelp)

Child welfare professionals, researchers and volunteers dedicated to child abuse prevention made up the program development team. In a partnership with Childhelp, a team of researchers at Arizona State University, under the primary authorship of Dr. Judy Krysik, developed a comprehensive, research based, culturally and developmentally appropriate child abuse prevention program called Speak Up Be Safe.

Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker (on)  Twitter

(blog) I am a blogger who writes about my experiences as an incest survivor on my blog Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker.

Stop It Now

Stop It Now! prevents the sexual abuse of children by mobilizing adults, families and communities to take actions that protect children before they are harmed.    We provide support, information and resources to keep children safe and create healthier communities.

Survivor to Thriver

Manual and workbook for adult survivors of child abuse who want to move-on with life (115 pages)

Thrivers Against Abuse

This blog is a child abuse survivor’s attempt to make awareness, prevention and healing a priority.

Together We Heal (on)  Twitter

Together We Heal is for those who have suffered the trauma of child molestation. We are here to give aid to those in need, educate any who seek info and expose the predators and their methods.

True Colors (on)  Facebook (on)  MySpace

True Colors is a non-profit organization that works with other social service agencies, schools, organizations, and within communities to ensure that the needs of sexual and gender minority youth are both recognized and competently met.

We are Adult Survivors of Child Abuse and Neglect

This website is dedicated to the tens of millions of adult survivors of child abuse and neglect who get up every day and try to work and function in a world that seems to not care about us.

The Wounded Warrior

(Blog:) I am a MALE survivor of childhood sexual abuse and adult rape. This is my place to offload, share and let go. Have a seat, kick off your shoes and join me.

You and me can stop bullies!

Sexual abuse of children and sibling bullying are hidden crimes. I was a victim of both childhood sexual abuse and sibling bullying. I survived but at an awful price.

Youth Suicide Prevention and Maternal and Child Health

The Children’s Safety Network (CSN) National Injury and Violence Prevention Resource Center has prepared this analysis and summary of state MCH plans on youth suicide prevention to inform MCH programs about what states are doing to address NPM #16 (Reduce the rate (per 100,000) of suicide deaths among youths aged 15 through 19) and to provide states with suicide prevention strategies and data, which can be used in the development of their plans in their next MCH Block Grant Application. (note: separate entry is above for the CSN)