A Woman Files an Ethicon Lawsuit

ethicon lawsuit

A woman from Alabama has filed a Ethicon lawsuit for her injuries after a pelvic mesh procedure. She claims that the device caused her chronic pain and scarring. The woman used the Gynecare TVT System to treat her stress urinary incontinence. According to her lawsuit, the company is responsible for the mesh, which can cause infections.

How To Know About Files An Ethicon Lawsuit

Several hundreds of people have filed similar lawsuits against Ethicon. In June 2017, a federal panel combined the first 16 Physiomesh lawsuits, with a first trial expected in November 2020. Another two trials are expected in 2021. In addition to the Physiomesh MDL, several other lawsuits have been filed in state courts in Atlantic County, New Jersey. The New Jersey Supreme Court has consolidated these cases and extended discovery deadlines until July 2021.

In a separate case, Johnson & Johnson v. Ethicon, a federal jury found Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon, Inc., not liable on most counts. The company was sued over the design and manufacture of pelvic mesh devices and for failing to warn consumers of the risks. The jury cleared Ethicon on all counts except for one, which involved the company not warning about the risks. However, the trial judge found in the plaintiff’s favor on the other counts, and awarded the plaintiff $55,000 in medical expenses. The jury did not award any other damages.

The company was notified by the FDA in October 2019 of a Class I recall of its Ethicon surgical staplers. The recall was initiated due to concerns that the product increased the risk of surgical complications. The device has been linked to several injuries and one death.https://www.youtube.com/embed/Wttz_1HR3P4…