Support Community for Men

Support Community for men

There are a number of different Support Communities for men, including organizations like Man Up to Cancer and Evryman retreats. The following is a brief summary of the most popular types of support communities for men. You may also want to look into organizations such as the Men’s Rights Movement. But, whether you’re looking for a support community online or in your local area, the options are endless. There are even support groups specifically for men that focus on specific topics.

Man Up to Cancer

For men, finding a supportive community can be a big help. For example, there are several groups for men suffering from cancer. The largest one is Us Too, which has hundreds of programs replicating its model. And there are also local chapters of cancer support groups that are especially valuable to those living with cancer. One group, Men Up to Cancer, is a nonprofit organization that provides support for men affected by cancer. Its founders include Bryan A. Weber, a professor at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University and Beverly L. Roberts, a researcher at the University of Texas at Austin, and Graham J. McDougall Jr.

In addition to offering a variety of support services, Men to Man also offers a virtual community for men undergoing cancer treatment. Members can meet with other men dealing with similar concerns and share their cancer journey. These virtual groups are held twice a month and can be attended virtually or in person, with members being asked to RSVP three days prior to the date. The group is also available in Spanish. If you are a man diagnosed with prostate cancer and would like to join the community, please contact Men to Men directly.


The growing problem of mental health among men has forced many to look for ways to connect with other men in a supportive environment. However, men often struggle to establish supportive peer relationships, often due to outdated stereotypes about what it means to be a man. Tethr helps men find support in a safe online space by connecting them with others who share similar circumstances. There is no better place for men to get help than from their fellow men.

The founders of Tethr wanted to create a safe, supportive community where men could turn to for help when they are feeling depressed or struggling with their problems. Interestingly, the name ‘tether’ comes from climbing; the term refers to the connection between a climber and the rope. In addition to climbing, a tether alerts the group if someone falls. In addition, a tether can refer to connecting devices, like phones. The founders of Tethr’s app were looking for a way to create a community that men could turn to for help when they are feeling low.

Evryman retreats

The founders of Evryman are a group of young men who had previously taken part in similar retreats. The group plans to teach men how to communicate their feelings in a safe environment and encourage them to create their own men’s groups. The founders of Evryman want to create a culture in which men feel free to express their emotions, and the company has built several websites to achieve this goal.

These retreats are designed specifically for men and have helped thousands of men overcome challenges they may face in their daily lives. Men who have attended the retreats have reported having more positive and fulfilling relationships than ever before. Many men find it incredibly empowering to take time out of their busy schedules to reflect on their issues and seek help. It’s a great way to recharge your batteries after a long and stressful week.

Men’s Rights Movement

There’s a new generation of men who reject the misogynistic, MRA approach to the men’s rights movement, and who reject the notion of supporting violence against women and girls. Among the new generation of men, Mensgroup is one of the best men’s rights support communities on the Internet today. They take a non-traditional approach to the men’s rights movement, focusing on equipping men with knowledge and guidance to make their own decisions.

A small branch of the MRM is tackling real problems, like the millennial males who watch their female peers excel in education while they fall further behind. Meanwhile, the stagnant economy smothers traditional male career paths. The definition of manhood is being ripped apart. These issues, as well as others, are important and worth addressing. For example, the suicide rate of young men is higher than that of women.