The Benefits of a Men’s Spiritual Retreat

Men’s Spiritual Retreat

mens spiritual retreat

If you’re feeling worn out or like you’ve lost your identity, a men’s retreat may be just what you need to heal yourself. The experience will enhance your self-confidence and make you more aware of your true self. Even if you’ve never been on a retreat before, this is a great way to re-evaluate your priorities and life. And because it’s not just for women, a men’s retreat can be beneficial for any man.

Journey of Illumination

If you are looking for a men’s spiritual retreat, Journey of Illumination may be the perfect fit for you. Its core practice is a shift in consciousness, and it begins with age-old traditions. The journey teaches the five things every man should know. It is not a passive experience, and men must participate from beginning to end. The process requires a “beginner’s mind,” but men are not required to be ordained.

This five-fold spiritual practice is based on a tradition of mystical practice and is informed by centuries of Christian tradition. It encourages participants to pay close attention to God and His presence in their lives. The practice removes the things that don’t matter, and makes way for what matters most. The goal is to be free of the things that no longer matter, and find the true meaning of life.

Graymoor Spiritual Life Center

The Franciscan Friars of the Atonement run the Graymoor Spiritual Life Center. The center offers a range of retreats, including men’s spiritual retreats, ecumenical and interfaith programs, and educational events. The center’s name refers to its mission, which is ‘at-one-ment,’ meaning reconciliation. In this peaceful and serene environment, people can experience God’s peace and renew their spirituality.

The center is located on a mountaintop overlooking the Hudson River valley. It is open from dawn to dusk, and its grounds include miles of hiking and walking trails, a labyrinth, three chapels and shrines. The center also features a dining room and theater. Accommodations at Graymoor include single or double occupancy rooms. The institute offers vegetarian meals, as well as Internet access, a movie theater, and internet.


The Seabeck Men’s Spiritual Retreat is a gathering of 60 men that has taken place on the Hood Canal since 1996. The retreat consists of morning and evening meditation sessions, topic meetings, speakers, and panel discussions. The retreat fee includes two nights’ lodging and Saturday breakfast. Sunday brunch is optional. For more information about the retreat, visit seabeckmens.com. If you’d like to attend, click here to download a brochure.

If you’re interested in participating in a men’s retreat, you can sign up for the 27th annual event in 2022. Registration is required, but scholarships are available. To sign up for a retreat, you must pay a deposit via Pay Pal. For some programs, a doctor’s note is required. You’ll also be required to wear a mask in the common areas. It’s a good idea to bring proof of immunization, even if you’ve never had a cold.

Texas men’s Rites of Passage

Texas men’s Rites of Passage is a spiritual journey for the man who is in his second half of life and is searching for the meaning of life. This ritual is geared toward men who are spiritually searching or who have been through some kind of men’s work and are not in a major reaction against God. To take part in Texas men’s Rites of Passage, you should be physically and mentally fit.

The men’s rites of passage program is a nine-month commitment. During the retreat, men receive the tools they need to take their next steps. They meet with mentors and preceptors, who challenge them to grow. The program is centered on principles that are universally beneficial to the men who attend. The men will have the opportunity to experience these principles and learn about their own values as they go through the journey.

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